Architecture Project
    Arizona, USA
    Aging, wealthy baby-boomers from cold and Northern climates increasingly spend large parts of their working/non-working lives in warmer regions, longing for an abundance of sun, and comfort. Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico are the largest growing markets in the US. As this population steadily increases, it requires new lifestyle models. This brand community capitalizes on several major trends, all of which become part of a holistic lifestyle concept, enabled by new technology.

    The proposed Hybrid Community is where innovative technology and digital service enables you to live the life you always dreamed of. A key value of the digital lifestyle community is the human connection between people, which is not only guaranteed through communal activities but also by a digital neighborhood network, which promotes the interaction between residents.

    At the same time, medical services can be reached 24h a day by the push of a button and energy use can be efficiently controlled and regulated. The hybrid house is about utmost flexibility and customization, Because of its compact dimensions and intelligent design, it is highly efficient and sustainable in the use of energy resources. An open space with a central core creates a loft-like space that can be customized according to the needs of the owner.
    A structural envelope based on a space frame* allows you to design windows and doors almost wherever you want. Even after moving in. The façade is an ecological high-performance skin that works like an HVAC system without being one. If you live in a hot and arid climate, the house ensures that you stay cool without having to use air-conditioning.

    Through small openings on the top and bottom of the building’s envelope, the entire façade becomes a cooling tower, sucking all the heat from where it does not belong, ensuring a comfortable environment all year round - adjustable via your wireless control. Part of the hybrid house experience is the convenience of synchronized digital control.

    The house remote control lets you be in charge of your environment from the comfort of your sofa or anywhere else in the house. Built-in artificial intelligence offers you options on how to optimize the performance of your house further.
    LOCATION: Arizona, USA
    SITE AREA: Varies
    PROJECT SCOPE: Concept Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Residential Community

    KABC in collaboration XPEKT
    Anna Klingmann(KABC), Matthias Hollwich (XPEKT)