Architecture Project
    Salalah, Oman
    KABC developed a concept masterplan for the integrated 21st century ecofriendly residential/resort destination in Salalah focusing on "Inside-out" branding. Located on a pristine beach front, this destination combines the convenience of cultivated living with supreme recreational facilities, an untouched wildlife area, lush botanical gardens, sophisticated retail, and a spectacular network of undulating foot trails, lively squares, and peaceful waterscapes.

    Khawr Awqad is the new standard for sustainability, a catalyst for change to shape the future of Salalah. Surrounded by residential communities and luscious green agricultural fields to the north and east and the expanse of the Arabian Sea to the south and east, Khawr Awqad is envisioned as a unique destination with a focus on eco-literacy and education, eco-tourism, and sustainable green living.

    Residents, professionals, visitors from the region and tourists alike are offered a truly unique experience where a wealth of eco conscious experiences across residential, hospitality, retail, culture and nature form a model for an integrated sustainable lifestyle. Whether it is for learning, exploring, or simply relaxing, Khawr Awqad ensures there is something for everyone – all within a few short steps.
    Three unique zones—eco resort, sustainable residential community, and an ecological public park— are generated and connected by a pristine wetland reserve. This immaculate water body radiates outwards and infiltrates the site with different water features, natural attractions, green parks, educational facilities, seasonal events and festivals.

    A unique river walk provides a mix of restaurants and intimate cafes, privately owned specialty boutiques, and a small art gallery that features local art and culture. As opposed to other destinations that just “talk” sustainability, Khawr Awqad actively builds a holistic sustainable environment by preserving and promoting local flora and fauna, offering educational activities, and by encouraging an active involvement in wildlife preservation and the local culture.
    LOCATION: Salalah, Oman
    SITE AREA: 323,669 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Master Planning, Architectural Design, Landscape Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Mixed-Use: Resort/Residential Community and Educational Eco Park
    CLIENT: Global Omani Development & Investment Co.
    AWARDS: Cityscape 2010: Islamic Architecture, Leisure, Master Planning, Community, Tourism, Winner - Environmental Award

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Harrison Blair, Robert Cervellione, Killian O'Brian, Boris Kolaric, Daehwan Chung, Doug Hamilton, John Jhee, Leslie Nardini, Margaret Mendus, Harrison Blair