Architecture Project
    Herzogenaurach, Germany
    Most corporate campuses are uninspiring environments that fail to engage the context that surrounds them. By simply imposing identical structures on the suburban landscape, the architecture of most corporate properties does not effectively express and enhance the personality of the corporation in question. Since corporate campuses are typically private, they generally supply no public interfaces to the surrounding community.

    Our winning entry for the design of Adidas’ headquarters in Germany was an attempt to counter these issues by evolving an inimitable architecture that no longer mimics the appearance of standardized campus architecture but that effectively communicates the unique identity of the Adidas brand.

    By treating the open landscape as an ecological resource of regional significance and by using the topography as a means of supplying effective public/private interfaces, the proposed campus creates a real World of Sports—a stage—that allows athletes and spectators from different countries to convene for different sporting events. At the core of the campus is a Y-shaped open territory of green spaces and civic activity comprising the public realm of the World of Sports.
    The three primary components of the program, the Adidas campus, a housing development, and a commercial area, are organized around this space. Infrastructure and topography are used as structural tools to merge the objects with the specific conditions of the site. While the Administration building seems to be set apart as a distinct object from the open field, the Conference Center mediates between the horizontal and the vertical dimension.

    Gradually rising from the ground it forms a cantilever above the lake. The Innovation Center, nestled within a small forest, is partially submerged in the ground camouflaged by the trees surrounding it. The Multifunctional Hall as well as the stadium are both conceived as objects of mimicry, forming imaginary landscapes above the actual landscape below.
    LOCATION: Herzogenaurach, Germany
    SITE AREA: 32,000 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Master Planning, Architectural Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Corporate Campus
    CLIENT: Adidas
    AWARDS: Invited Competition, 1st Prize

    Angelil/Graham/Pfenninger/Scholl Architecture in collaboration with ETHZ
    Concept & Design: Marc Angelil, Anna Klingmann, Thomas Hildebrand, Mark Burkhard
    Additional Team Members: Matthias Reichel, Kaspar Gessner, Michele Rüegg, Jan Ipach, Christoph Reinhardt, Cary Siress, Mathew Davis, Marco Ganz, Mathis Fussler (Graphic Design)