Architecture Project
    Salalah, Oman
    KABC developed a concept masterplan for the integrated 21st century ecofriendly residential/resort destination in Salalah, located on a pristine beach front. This destination combines the convenience of cultivated living with supreme recreational facilities, an untouched wildlife area, lush botanical gardens, sophisticated retail, and a spectacular network of undulating foot trails, lively squares, and peaceful waterscapes. Residents, professionals, visitors from the region and tourists alike are offered a truly unique experience where a wealth of eco conscious experiences across residential, hospitality, retail, culture and nature form a model for an integrated sustainable lifestyle.

    The project is envisioned as a pedestrian residential community with a small mixed-use component that integrates the local heritage and culture while creating a 21st century cosmopolitan feel. The community rests on sustainable planning principles, creating a place where people can live, work, shop, relax, and play in the same community. Comprised as an iconic gateway, the architecture rises naturally out of the site’s landscape and forms a village-like organization of residential clusters that resemble a green hillside village.

    Perched on top of a gentle hill gradually descending from a +6m level to 0+level on the southern end, gracefully descending to the river walk and dissolving into a series of small islands, this community follows the incline with a series of stepped apartment complexes, which offer their residents a spectacular view of the wetlands and the Arabian sea.
    A network of undulating foot trails guide visitors and residents to lively squares, green parks and peaceful waterscapes that encourage a vibrant community life and provide areas for rest and rejuvenation. The residential community features a distinct lifestyle communities, each with its own character and inviting atmosphere.

    Contrasting experiences can be found both in ambiance and in appearance- from tower residences that offer supreme views to the wetland and the Arabian sea to green courtyard style residences and luxury villas. In addition, public squares promote a lively cultural and social exchange. Themed natural areas for discovery, relaxation and rejuvenation have been carefully created to give the residents vast activity choices.

    A web of intimate pedestrian paths and parks supports neighborliness, civic interaction, and a sense of belonging and an active Riverwalk with outdoor cafes, restaurants and specialty boutique shops with individual charm make the community a lively atmosphere.
    LOCATION: Salalah, Oman
    SITE AREA: 85,631 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Master Planning, Architectural Design, Landscape Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Residential Community
    CLIENT: Global Omani Development & Investment Co.
    AWARDS: Cityscape 2010: Islamic Architecture, Leisure, Master Planning, Community, Tourism, Winner - Environmental Award

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Harrison Blair, Robert Cervellione, Killian O'Brian, Boris Kolaric, Daehwan Chung, Doug Hamilton, John Jhee, Leslie Nardini, Margaret Mendus, Harrison Blair