Architecture Project
    Halle, Germany
    The city of Halle, Germany asked KABC to come up with a creative solution for a district that is marked by dereliction and abandonment. KABC proposed to turn the entire district into a live-in urban sculpture park. For each building that is abandoned, a piece of sculpture is developed. This presents a new, constructive approach towards “de-densification” by creating a culturally attractive environment and, thus, new economic opportunities.

    It is a fact that the process of migration leaves many buildings vacant in Halle. Instead of lamenting the loss of inhabitants KABC viewed this condition as a unique opportunity to convert vacant buildings into raw material for artists. By reverting the process of dereliction into creative potential, Halle becomes the center of an ongoing cultural transformation. Hence, emphasis is placed as much on the process as on the final result.

    While the final result of the transformation is envisioned as a large scale cultural venue where sculptures generate a unique residential environment, it is already through the initiation of the process that a new identity for a Halle is created.

    With each building transformed into a large-scale sculpture, there is an increased value for the units remaining, until, at full occupancy, the now distinctive, ambient, and acculturated town may experience a resurgence of entrepreneurial activity, making use of its new unique resources to rebuild itself. Suddenly, a town that has been forgotten and ignored becomes the center of attention again.
    LOCATION: Halle, Germany
    SITE AREA: 95,000 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Master Planning, Place Making
    PROJECT TYPE: Urban Revitalization
    CLIENT: City of Halle, Germany

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Matthias Hollwich