Architecture Project
    Dubai, UAE
    The Esplanade is the signature amenity of the Metropolitan District- short-listed in the Environmental category of the 2009 Cityscape Awards for Architecture. Dedicated to the family of Al Maktoum, the landscape design of the esplanade is inspired by Arabic calligraphy, outlining a cosmic theme with sculptures and landscaping following on these themes. The Esplanade marks the transition from the Al Maktoum River Walk and the Park View Promenade into Zabeel Park.

    This holistic and multi-tiered parkland is characterized by a choreographed sequence of sophisticated sceneries, spirited public spaces, and enchanting micro-ambiances from around the world. The variety of distinct environments creates a destination that affords a sense of discovery and allows for quiet contemplation and spontaneous social mingling in different seasons.

    The Garden of Mansour is a modern interpretation of the French Renaissance Garden overlaid with Islamic motifs. Designed to illustrate the universal ideals of measure and proportion, the garden reminds viewers of the virtues of Islamic art. The Garden of Hamdan is a spectacular water-scape located on the north-east side of the Esplanade.

    With its unique landscaping, the garden encourages its visitors to interpret the way we relate to the universe through new models and ideas. The flow of water from the top of the site over gentle cascades and rippling fountains is used to narrate the development of civilization from its primitive beginnings in the Golden Age of Nature.
    Planting, sculpture, and iconography illustrate this story of culture evolving out of nature. Attractions include a lake in the form of a calligraphy surrounded by a sculpted landscape composed of myriad landscape attractions, which include the Universe Cascade, the Wave Gate, the Spiral Mound and an undulating path, bordered by small groupings of silk trees and sculptures by regional artists. The Metropolitan District Event Area features an earthwork amphitheater with integrated benches shaded by groups of indigenous trees.

    Ascending steps overlook a great lawn with a small outdoor stage that can be used for music and theater events. On special occasions, this area will be used for festivals, VIP events, and can be rented by residents.The Esplanade also contains two spectacular horticultural showplaces—the Garden of Majid and the Garden of Marwan. Both indoor gardens are housed in botanical glass pavilions and feature changing seasonal exhibits, which might range from an exotic display of roses to an orchid extravaganza—seducing both residents and visitors time and time again.
    LOCATION: Dubai, UAE
    SITE AREA: 120,254 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Landscape Design, Wayfinding Systems
    CLIENT: Confidential
    AWARDS: 2010 Cityscape Awards Environmental Category, Nominated

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Onyoo An, Harrison Blair, Clifford Brown, Lisa Chu, Eduardo Benamor Duarte, Lisa Kim, Manuela Koekle, Matthew Lipaurlo, Lingxue Liu, Robert Mancinelli, Gigi Mander, Steven Petrides, Maurizio Serena, Sunhwa Son, AIA, Joaquin Sterns, Tecla Tangorra, Peter Wood