Architecture Project
    Dubai, UAE
    Metropolitan District is the new urban standard, a catalyst for change to shape the future of Dubai. Bound by the energy of the city and the serenity of Zabeel Park, it is a complete rental mix-use community with a focus on not only where you live but also how you live.

    Residents, professionals and visitors alike are offered a truly unique experience where a wealth of vibrant opportunities across residential, retail, office, hotel, art, culture and entertainment form a balanced quality of life. Metropolitan District is divided into six sub-districts connected by a central plaza, a web of neighborhood squares, and the Esplanade.

    The Leisure District is the entertainment district of the complex, bordering on the Exchange District to the west, on the Loft District to the north, and on Living to the south. Families and office workers are drawn from all districts to dine amid the excitement of this active square.

    This is the space where the drama happens; people will be arriving to meet friends for dinner or to see a movie, or sim-ply to relax in the exquisite gardens that are spread throughout this magnificent plaza. The Leisure is the communal center for residents coming from the surrounding neighborhoods, workers arriving after work from the office district and visitors.
    The Four-Star Modern Luxury Hotel, overlooking the Al Maktoum Plaza will cater to those travelers in search of affordable luxury and a metropolitan atmosphere. Similar to innovative boutique hotels such as the W & Aloft, the Four-Star Modern Luxury Hotel will cater to its guests in style at affordable rates while providing a cosmopolitan and stylish ambiance.

    The state-of-the-art LEED based interiors offer maximized daylight and an environmentally conscious yet sophisticated setting. Amenities will include a trendy bar and restau¬rant area connected to the Al Maktoum Plaza, a rooftop pool, spa rooms, and sports facilities. Throughout the plaza, guests encounter three uniquely themed each with its own exclusive features. A ficus walk provides shade and guides visitors to the River Walk.
    LOCATION: Dubai, UAE
    SITE AREA: 49,658 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Architectural Design, Landscape Design
    CLIENT: Confidential
    AWARDS: 2010 Cityscape Awards Environmental Category, Nominated

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Onyoo An, Harrison Blair, Clifford Brown, Lisa Chu, Eduardo Benamor Duarte, Lisa Kim, Manuela Koekle, Matthew Lipaurlo, Lingxue Liu, Robert Mancinelli, Gigi Mander, Steven Petrides, Maurizio Serena, Sunhwa Son, AIA, Joaquin Sterns, Tecla Tangorra, Peter Wood