Architecture Project
    Dubai, UAE
    Metropolitan District is the new urban standard, a catalyst for change to shape the future of Dubai. Bound by the energy of the city and the serenity of Zabeel Park, it is a complete rental mix-use community with a focus on not only where you live but also how you live. Residents, professionals and visitors alike are offered a truly unique experience where a wealth of vibrant opportunities across residential, retail, office, hotel, art, culture and entertainment form a balanced quality of life.

    Nine experiential zones lead to different water features, urban attractions, green elements, unique amenities, seasonal events and festivals. An elaborate retail spine provides a mix of convenient everyday services, healthy fast food options, special-apparel chain retailers alongside authentic gourmet dining, privately owned boutiques, small art galleries and lively entertainment venues.

    The seasonal programming includes cultural events and festivals that will expose visitors to different facets of the local culture and the international cultures that make Dubai such a special place—making it unlike any other venue in the city. It will be a destination for all to enjoy year round as a holistic, sustainable environment.

    An extension of Metropolitan District and its signature offering is a community-only esplanade that merges with Zabeel Park and encompasses a sculptural landscape with a water garden, two seasonal pavilions, a French garden, an outdoor venue for music events and cinema, and a community area.
    Metropolitan District is divided into six sub-districts connected by a central plaza, a web of neighborhood squares, and the D49 Esplanade. The Dubai Metro on one side and Zabeel Park on the other anchor the masterplan of this unique new community. Each district has a distinct identity, differentiated in scale, product, retail mix, and attractions. Varying levels of built density and green spaces provide unique user experiences in each area.

    The districts comprise a unique mix of residential options, which include high-rise living, loft-style living, townhouse living, and garden apartments, in addition to exceptional grade A sustainable office spaces, two luxury hotels, and a diverse spectrum of retail, entertainment, and dining options. A differentiated way finding-system connects the different districts to each other, the main plaza, the park, and the metro.

    Each street has its own unique character, guiding the pedestrian along intimate squares, playful water features, shaded areas for rest, and exceptional landscaping features. Effortlessly combining contemporary design and Arabic details, the architecture varies in scale and character to give each district a unique look and feel that ranges from Arabic courtyard-style townhouses, and soaring skyview towers to Nolita-esque ateliers and live/work lofts.
    LOCATION: Dubai, UAE
    SITE AREA: 734,708 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Retail Planning
    PROJECT TYPE: Retail
    CLIENT: Confidential
    AWARDS: 2010 Cityscape Awards Environmental Category, Nominated

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Onyoo An, Harrison Blair, Clifford Brown, Lisa Chu, Eduardo Benamor Duarte, Lisa Kim, Manuela Koekle, Matthew Lipaurlo, Lingxue Liu, Robert Mancinelli, Gigi Mander, Steven Petrides, Maurizio Serena, Sunhwa Son, AIA, Joaquin Sterns, Tecla Tangorra, Peter Wood