Architecture Project
    Dubai, UAE
    Metropolitan District is designed as a healthy, eco-friendly green environment with tree-lined streets, shaded public spaces, and cooling water features away from noise and traffic pollution. This focus on the pedestrian results in streets where people walk and spend time out of choice—not just necessity—but because its streets are memorable, engaging, safe, accessible, healthy, attractive, fun, and convenient.

    Inviting outdoor spaces encourage people to walk to nearby conveniences under shaded arcades that provide a cool environment year-round without the harmful side effects of air conditioning. While Metropolitan District does not offer waterfront living in the classical sense, each neighborhood is defined by a selection of uniquely landscaped zones, enhanced by panoramic water elements, such as fountains, creeks, small canals, and an esplanade with lusciously landscaped ponds.

    Throughout the plaza, residents and guests encounter three uniquely themed gardens: the first garden (Garden of Rashid) features a poetic composition of sculptural ficus trees and seasonally changing flowerbeds; the second garden (Garden of Ahmed) features two green areas, planted with indigenous trees and blooming bushes connected by a reflecting pool. Towards the entertainment section, a third garden lined with orange trees (Garden of Saeed) invites people to read or just watch the hustle and bustle. A ficus walk provides shade and guides visitors to the River Walk.
    The Al Maktoum River Walk connects the main plaza to the Esplanade and Zabeel Park. Visitors are guided along a shallow creek, lined with cafés, specialty shops, and a series of exquisite gardens. A designated shopping path continues on both sides of the creek. Small footbridges carry visitors from one side of the creek to the other, while integrated benches and steps allow visitors to sit and watch street performers entertain along the waterfront.

    A rain curtain marks the entrance into the cultural district. Where the River Walk approaches the Park View Promenade, it features a lush naturalistic landscape where trees, shrubs, palms, and mosses grow in their natural state. Blooming bushes and trees give this area a broad palette of seasonal color. Natural stones are used to construct the creek’s edges, bridges, and walkways.

    The water features a spectacular selection of tropical fish and a water lily garden. The end of the creek is marked by a natural waterfall, which cascades down the grand stair of the Park View Promenade where it disperses into the Esplanade.
    LOCATION: Dubai, UAE
    SITE AREA: 734,708 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Urban Design, Place Making, Landscape Design, Wayfinding, Street Signage
    PROJECT TYPE: Mixed-Use
    CLIENT: Confidential
    AWARDS: 2010 Cityscape Awards Environmental Category, Nominated

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Onyoo An, Harrison Blair, Clifford Brown, Lisa Chu, Eduardo Benamor Duarte, Lisa Kim, Manuela Koekle, Matthew Lipaurlo, Lingxue Liu, Robert Mancinelli, Gigi Mander, Steven Petrides, Maurizio Serena, Sunhwa Son, AIA, Joaquin Sterns, Tecla Tangorra, Peter Wood