Architecture Project
    Muscat, Oman
    In order to balance a respect for history and tradition with the need to create a modern neighborhood, the design takes cues from the regional architecture and builds on the best practices in contemporary architecture. The aspiration for the project is to build a sustainable development that is of high quality while being cost-efficient. The community is organized according to the principles of the Arabic courtyard house, a response that is sensitive to the culture and climate of the place.

    Expanded to a whole self-sustaining community, this vision creates a new type of residential development that has the neighborly feel of a house that has expanded to nurture a new community while balancing the vibrancy of a city in microcosm. Sustainability is at the core of the architectural expression, encompassing environmental, social, economic and cultural sustainability by preserving traditional crafts and promoting new techniques and technologies.

    The design of the residential development is small scale, compact and organic, and will comprise locally sourced materials including limestone, marble, and aluminum. It is inherently sustainable through passive means, such as natural ventilation, the use of traditional arcaded spaces and loggias, mashrabiya screens and water features to maximize passive cooling.
    LOCATION: Muscat, Oman
    SITE AREA: 64,640 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Branding, Master Planning, Architectural Design, Landscape Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Mixed-Use: Residential
    CLIENT: Global Omani Development & Investment Company

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Enrique Limon, Simon Lee ,Caren Becker, Fidelma Hawney, Ling Zhong, Bernd Mueller