Architecture Project
    Prague, Czech Republic
    The goal of this planning project was to reprogram a former industrial district of Prague into a vital inner-city area. In order to reconnect the site to the inner city, KABC proposed a continuous urban landscape that treated “townscape” and “landscape” as a single, interconnected whole. Four base programs determined the organization of the site: residential, commercial, entertainment, and leisure.

    These programs are structured in parallel filaments, each with a specific ambiance that leave intentional gaps of unprogrammed spaces in between that allow for chance events and changes over time. A trail system that consists of several “programmatic loops,” links attractors related to work, interaction, and play. In combination, the loops constitute a kaleidoscopic event space that conforms to the preferences of different user groups: efficient shortcuts for commuters and employees and more rambling trails for people taking a leisurely stroll.

    All programs on the site are sponsored by international and local brands, recognized for their ability to provide “cash machines” for public, non profit-oriented programs. By operating both as a private and public enterprise, Praha Smichov maintains its distinctive character while reaping the economic benefits of corporate sponsorship.
    LOCATION: Prague, Czech Republic
    SITE AREA: 95,000 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Branding, Master Planning, Landscape Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Urban Revitalization, Mixed-Use Complex
    CLIENT: European Competition
    AWARDS: Europan Competition: 3rd Prize