Architecture Project
    Cairo, Egypt
    KABC has designed this masterplan for a holistic 21st century community in Cairo, in close proximity to one of the most ancient wonders of the world. it is a community inspired by the land of Egypt, where quality of life is maximized within a serene natural environment. This project combines the convenience of cultivated living, sophisticated boutique retail, innovative class A office spaces, and enjoyable entertainment with a spectacular network of undulating foot trails, lively squares, and peaceful waterscapes. The result is an economically viable development that creates a sense of comfort, peace, and enjoyment for the global citizen of tomorrow.

    KABC set three main goals for the community. The first goal is to create a state-of-the-art community that represents Samcrete Development’s vision of creating inspirational and sustainable developments that are holistic, personalized, and detail-oriented and that provide unique social and inspirational experiences resulting in a superior quality of life. The second goal is to set a new trend for developments in the region for residential communities from isolated, car-oriented, lifeless sub-urban enclaves to integrated, green and stimulating urban environments. The final and third goal is to create an inspiring development that does no longer aspire to mere novelty but that raises people’s quality of life by aiming for true longevity.
    LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt
    SITE AREA: 1,054,000 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Master Planning, Landscape Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Mixed-Use: Retail, Residential, Commercial, Entertainment
    CLIENT: Samcrete Development

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Harrison Blair, Tecla Tangorra