Architecture Project
    Agadir, Morocco
    Polo is everywhere. The king of games is still the game of kings. Enhanced by an ambiance of elegance, this resort is characterized by a formal proximity to the adjacent king’s palace. Since the king also plays polo, joint events and polo games enhance the exclusive status of the resort. Accommodating both the professional and the casual player, at ROBINSON POLO RESORT people’s lives revolve entirely around polo.

    KABC created a unique destination where polo is celebrated not just as a sport, but as an all-encompassing lifestyle permeating entertainment and daily routines. This is achieved through the positioning of the polo field and club at the center of the resort, as well as through the creation of an exclusive atmosphere defined by strategic formal elements, which in turn enhance the exclusivity of polo as sport. Activities and events are positioned around the central polo field, which becomes the physical, thematic, symbolic, and social center of the resort.

    The polo field makes for an ideal element around which to organize the resort: the large, open central space allows for maximum viewing options, and its strategic position at the edge of the plateau ensures that each guest is treated to views of the polo field, the polo arena, and the sea. The polo bar, which doubles as a clubhouse, opens to the main field and can be used both during the summer and winter seasons.
    LOCATION: Agadir, Morocco
    SITE AREA: 100,000 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Feasibility Study, Master Planning, Schematic Design Landscape Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Resort/Hospitality
    CLIENT: Robinson Club GMBH

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Matthias Hollwich, Catarina Canas