Architecture Project
    Quinta Da Ria, Portugal
    The Quinta Da Ria resort is based on the concept that wellness is achieved through a designed choreography of nature. KABC accomplished this through the integration of existing, indigenous vegetation with an architectural landscape that creates an immersive atmosphere of relaxation, removal, and reflection. Specific, iconographic natural elements (a creek, a rock, a hill, a forest) become distinctive sites in which to house and inventively combine the resort’s myriad wellness activities and services.

    These natural elements give each activity, and the resort as a whole, a distinct identity, while creating a holistic ambiance of wellness. The overall message is an authentic retreat experience with a positive environmental impact. Located on the perimeter of the resort, the guests rooms at Quinta Da Rio are designed individually, each featuring distinctive wellness elements. Visitors can select rooms corresponding to their individual ideas of relaxation and wellness.

    The creek is a recreational lounge and public space that serves as a dynamic infrastructural spine, forming the central core of the resort and linking the diverse architectural elements and activities. The programs of the bar and the spa area are combined in an iconographic building that recalls the contours of a natural rock. Both dramatically present and seductively mysterious, the rock becomes a central, identifiable resort feature. Through the iconic form of an inclined hillside the theater is expanded to double as a supper club. The hillscape is an opportunity to replace conventional seating with flexible terraced space to create a multifunctional lounge.
    LOCATION: Quinta Da Ria, Portugal
    SITE AREA: 26,000 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Schematic Master Plan Design, Value Engineering Landscape Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Resort/Hospitality
    CLIENT: Robinson Club GMBH

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Matthias Hollwich