Architecture Project
    New York, USA
    The Scion showroom constitutes an imaginative brand environment of life in motion. An emotional 3D experience of the Scion brand is created by using six multifunctional elements that express the Scion identity. These space-defining elements integrate all the required features of the showroom and synchronize the entire program within a holistic and dynamic brand environment. All six elements, each with its own distinct features and unique shape, express Scions commitment to individuality, complementing each other to create a memorable platform for the Scion community.

    Sales, Product Experience, Information Discovery, and Lounge areas are strategically distributed in plan to maximize exposure of products and brand-messaging opportunities, while offering ample privacy. The Lounge Area is designed as a flexible seating arrangement, which allows customers to exchange information, talk to sales representatives, or simply to relax while watching Scion’s videos. At night, this area converts into a dancing floor. The guiding iconographic element in the showroom is the roof, which identifies the showroom visually from a distance. It defines the perimeter, yet encourages a free flow of customers into the showroom. Corporate logo and LED information animate the edge with changing announcements of product launches, current news, and events.
    LOCATION: New York, USA
    SITE AREA: 900 ft2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Branding Concept, Architectural Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Retail
    CLIENT: Scion

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Matthias Hollwich