Architecture Project
    Senftenberg, Germany
    The German city of Senftenberg held a competition to revitalize a derelict neighborhood in which 25% of all buildings are unoccupied as inhabitants are progressively emigrating to find employment opportunities in economically stronger areas. Senftenberg's main economic engine and strongest future potential for growth is tourism, generated by the town's heritage and proximity to neighboring regional cultural attractions. KABC proposed a sequence of green attractors, which both enhance the quality of living for the residents while at the same time strategically attracting, channeling, and entertaining tourists.

    Three landscaped objects are carefully choreographed along a processional route, providing visual and physical connections to the surrounding districts while reintroducing the myth of gardens and parks long established in the region's history. Mountain, Oasis, and Spiral, each with their own particular identity, build a serpentine spine of attractors. A ten-meter high, geometrically shaped mountain functions as a gateway into the site and endows visitors with stunning views into the surrounding landscape and the lake. The Oasis, a small business incubator, frames the visitors’ view on the other side.
    On the street level, the insertion of an irregular building mass affects a "medievalized fabric" composed of narrow sequences, street fronts, and plazas. The roof level consists of a public park landscape that is punctuated by a small convention center, shops, restaurants and resting areas. The Spiral is conceived as an educational theme park for the exploration of nature and science. The new network of amenities and services is accessible to local residents and creates a competitive advantage for the existing buildings, which now participate in an exciting network of work, living, and leisure facilities. This resort-like quality is an attractive alternative to single-family house living and has potential to keep existing residents in the neighborhood while attracting future residents.
    LOCATION: Senftenberg, Germany
    SITE AREA: 49,000 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Concept Masterplan, Landscape Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Urban Revitalization
    CLIENT: City of Senftenberg, Germany

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Matthias Hollwich