Architecture Project
    Vaterstetten, Germany
    The small south-german town of Vaterstetten held a competition to redesign its town center and to build a new civic hall. KABC’s aim was to create an authentic town center based on the criteria of social integration, political equity, and environmental sustainability through a harmonious succession of landscaped and urban spaces. Three interlinking concepts reestablish the public domain: The creation of an environmentally responsible green core comprised of three interlocking open spaces, the formation of a diverse yet integrated urban sequence created from three solitary icons (church, civic center and town hall), and the design of a densified, walkable and human scaled mixed-use neighborhood.

    The town center is defined by a differentiated ground plane, which acts as a green core of the project. It mediates the qualities of Vaterstetten as a hybrid of town and landscape in a reciprocal relationship of three intertwining green and civic spaces. The town park located in the east is defined by a soft hilly landscape serving as a place of recreation and leisure. The town square to the west is designed as a place for convivial gathering with seating elements and a small playground and demarcates the end of the sequence. The three freestanding buildings of the town hall, the church, and the new community center together define the town center as a civic entity.
    The new civic center’s central location between city hall and church enhances the building’s relevance as a public attractor, while the fluid form of the building creates a subtle and dynamic balance between the modern language of the existing town hall and the indigenous silhouette of the church. Its central position demarcates a public space, which also doubles as a public walkway.
    LOCATION: Vaterstetten, Germany
    SITE AREA: 152,000 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Master-planning, Landscape Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Urban Brand Stategy
    CLIENT: City of Vaterstetten, Germany

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Matthias Hollwich