Architecture Project
    Frankfurt, Germany
    KABC developed a new brand experience for a national coffee shop chain in Germany invoked by attributes of “Gemuetlichkeit,” which loosely translates into a feeling of being social in a comfortable setting. The physical framing of the entry echoes and reinforces a sense of safety, coziness, and comfort. The exterior is characterized by a framed façade with a door made of reclaimed wood. The interior is divided into two spaces. Both spaces are characterized by a deliberate overlay of textures visible in the reclaimed floor, wood paneling, and details that convey an aged look and have a strong potential for weathering. The first space is characterized by a stylized contemporary kitchen counter. A long, black board with daily specials sets off the wall of sparkling white tiles in this kitchen-like area. The counter is juxtaposed by a warm inviting cottage wall made filled with candles, which creates the impression of a cozy retreat and serves as a backdrop to an informal café area. The second space is filled with large community tables, situated close to a contemporary stone fireplace. Banquettes sit against a wall of back-lit smoke mirrors. Industrial- style lighting illuminates it all: people together, enjoying nourishing food, drinks, and discussion.
    LOCATION: Frankfurt, Germany
    SITE AREA: 250 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Experience, Interior Design, Graphic Identity
    PROJECT TYPE: Coffee Shop Chain
    CLIENT: World Coffee GMBH, Hamburg, Germany

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Rachel Allswang, Ben Duarte, Emily Stevenson
    Maio & Company: Elsie Maio (Brand Strategist) Stephen Yorra (Brand Strategist)