Architecture Project
    Frankfurt, Germany
    KABC developed a new brand experience for a national coffee shop chain in Germany. The overall mission of this brand experience is to bring the serenity and vastness of nature into a confined urban setting. Relaxation, refreshment, and inspiration through a sense of openness, the vastness of nature at seaside, near water, and in the fresh, lush, living vegetation of an outdoor setting. The exterior identity is defined by a green plant signage board that changes with the seasons. The interior offers the customer two distinct outdoor experiences. The first space is characterized by a lush green setting, evoking the feeling of being in a sheltered forest. A real living vegetation wall acts as the main iconic element of the space. Coffee tables nestled among tall birch boughs provide seating areas in sheltered areas. The second space is a vast open expansive setting, like a beach. The center of the space contains a comfortable seating lounge that surrounds a babbling pool of water. Toward the back of the space, comfortable banquettes sit against natural reeds while a natural waterfall provides another place to pause and relax.
    LOCATION: Frankfurt, Germany
    SITE AREA: 250 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Experience, Interior Design, Graphic Identity
    PROJECT TYPE: Coffee Shop Chain
    CLIENT: World Coffee GMBH, Hamburg, Germany

    KABC: Anna Klingmann, Rachel Allswang, Ben Duarte, Emily Stevenson
    BRANDING TEAMMaio & Company: Elsie Maio (Brand Strategist) Stephen Yorra (Brand Strategist)