Architecture Project
    Yongsan, South Korea
    Award winning design firm GENSLER asked KABC to devise a brand strategy that would transform four million square feet of retail development into a global address as part of Skidmore, Owing, and Merrill’s masterplan proposal for Yongsan. In addition to creating a distinctive brand for the development, KABC worked with GENSLER to design a 21st century shopping destination that would capture a wide spectrum of target markets. The brand identity of the 24/24-lifestyle destination is based on the Korean conception of the 24 seasons, in which each of the main four seasons is divided into six additional seasons.

    Accordingly, the 24 seasons theme permeates the entire retail complex as a series of 24 lifestyle segments that guarantee a 24 hour use. The program of the 24/24 retail complex is divided into two distinct malls: a large mass-market mall and a smaller high-end mall that are connected by a large-scale open leisure spine. While the mass-market mall features largely local and regional products, the high-end mall features mainly international luxury brands. In order to differentiate this development in increasingly competitive market, a unique brand is created that is based on seasonal change and constant innovation.

    The concept of the 24 seasons organizes the retail program in a way that reflects changing consumer trends throughout the year. Each season relates to a particular set of shopping activities that are combined with a unique set of services, digitally programmed spaces, displays and presentations.
    LOCATION: Yongsan, South Korea
    SITE AREA: 400,000 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Master Planning, Retail Plan
    PROJECT TYPE: Retail: Shopping Mall with Entertainment and Recreational Components
    CLIENT: Samoo/Korail

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann
    GENSLER: Iljoong Kim, Patrick O'Malley