Architecture Project
    Hangzhou, China
    KABC's vision for the innovative office and research center in the Hai Chuang Yuan Community is based upon creating a continuous multi-layered pedestrian experience. It is intended to strengthen and benefit the community, which will inhabit and move through the site. Everyday activities including parking underground, moving throughout the buildings, and working in the offices are connected to the natural environment.

    What is normally considered inside and outside are to be commingled so that exterior experiences are brought inside and exterior and interior spaces are never fully distinct. This architectural idea reflects sustainable core principles of Zhejiang Provincial Energy Group Company, LTD. Concerns for energy efficiency reflect the commitment to promote a healthy world for future generations to come. Landscape connections between the office and laboratory buildings tie the complex into one whole community.

    The interior spaces throughout the development echo the architectural theme that unites the development as a whole: understanding the connections between our work as humans and its effect on our environment for the 21st century. The goal of our project is to provide pleasant pedestrian experiences throughout the site and into the building. The landscape is modified to create connections across pieces on the site - office to ground, ground to lab, lab to office.

    The 6 meter wide green corridor has been maintained to preserve views to the Yuhang River, located a few blocks south of the site. This pressure has forced the lower floors of the buildings to be cut, while the higher floors return to a normal square box shape in both of the proposed schemes.

    The proposal's slight formal adjustment also makes the office building look iconic. The design is highly responsive in enhancing the view corridor and creates a symbolic gateway into the Hai Chuang Yuan research and development campus. Modifying the original flat ground plane to create hills will resolve needs to dispose of earth displaced from the site and allow for nuanced zones for different outdoor recreation and enjoyment.

    Some areas will be better suited for Tai Chi, while others will work better for personal relaxation and contemplation. Others will work best for reading a book or getting exercise outside. Hardscape and softscape elements have been combined to form a large public square towards the center of the site, which could be used for group gatherings, outdoor meetings, or impromptu collaborations.
    LOCATION: Hangzhou, China
    SITE AREA: 20,461 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Landscape Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Landscape
    CLIENT: Zhejiang Energy Company
    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Dongcheol Yang, Eva Poulopoulou, Sarina Heres, Perry Wold, Dominique Dassum, Andrew Brooks, Atul Kumar Jain, Pinglie Huang, Xiaomeng Fu
    CSADI, Wuhan, China