Architecture Project
    Altona, Germany
    KABC was hired by Balzac Coffee Company to rebrand the chain after it merged with World Coffee in 2011. Services included the formulation of a brand strategy and design concept demonstrated on key applications such as façade treatment, signage and interiors, display units, product advertising look and feel, signature elements and visitor “welcome service” blueprint. KABC’s belief is that a sustainable and authentic brand is created from the inside-out – reflecting the core values of the company while creating a holistic customer experience. Therefore, F&B concept and presentation, graphics and interior down to the styling of the details,uniforms, attitude and service were designed as part of the overall brand strategy and subsequently translated into an environmental brand experience.

    In our rebranding of Balzac, we achieved 2 things: the continuity of the mother-brand while making each shop a unique Balzac experience. KABC created a series of repeatable signature elements that guarantee a continuity of the Balzac brand juxtaposed with found eclectic elements that lend each shop a unique aura. These variables guarantee that stores stay up-to-date and differentiate one location from another location. Decorative items include found antique furniture, the incorporation of art objects designed by local artists or sourced in flea markets, purposely mismatched fabrics in the same style and the use of vintage dishes that have the same theme. The point is that guests can relax in a home-style setting that exudes a sense of effortlessness and feels as if created over time.
    Each coffee shop location is divided into several thematic guest experiences, which include a fast-paced lively bar experience, a classic café experience, a relaxed lounge experience, a studious library experience and a fun and refreshing washroom experience. While the café and bar zones can be implemented in even the smallest of cafes, the lounge zone is introduced in the larger shops and treated a place to relax, socialize with friends, read the newspaper or a book, and surf on the Internet. In some cases, the lounge zone is complimented by a library zone, where people can study, read, or plug in their computers at large group tables. To create an ambiance of study, this "work space" is decorated like a library and flanked by bookshelves, comfortable chairs, and scientific objects.
    LOCATION: Altona, Germany
    PROJECT SCOPE: Branding, Graphic Design, Signage Guidelines, Interior Design Guidelines
    PROJECT TYPE: Commercial, Restaurant
    CLIENT: Balzac Coffee Company

    Anna Klingmann, Jean Keil, Richard Abi Saab, Sarina Heres, Bless Yee, Perry Wold, Dominique Dassum