Architecture Project
    Berlin, Germany
    KABC was commissioned to design a low-maintenance and ecologically-friendly garden on a private 1,277 m2 residential site in Berlin. The design transforms a formerly flat site into a varied undulating topography, which blends with the surrounding landscape in the distance. Interconnected loops of meandering cobblestone pathways establish planting zones on different levels composed of sunken rain gardens and grassy mounds. The landscape’s mood changes with each season and relies mostly on the natural rain cycle to survive. A combination of structural plants and fillers exemplify the inspiration of nature and create a composed feeling of randomness, vastness and being in the open landscape. The plantings combine different shapes and textures and intersperse colorful perennials with grasses and ground covers, generating a creative tension that keeps both the eye and the imagination interested. The design creates a choreographed experience within a composed wilderness, allowing for a serene environment within a beautiful microcosm that allows both for quiet contemplation and social interaction. Meandering pathways lead through small and intimate areas for sitting and reading and to larger patios for sunning and dining.
    LOCATION: Berlin, Germany
    SITE AREA: 1,277 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Landscape Design & Construction
    PROJECT TYPE: Private Garden
    CLIENT: Private
    Anna Klingmann, Eva Cocco, Andrew Brooks