Architecture Project
    Hamburg, Germany
    KABC was commissioned by Balzac Coffee to redesign several of their stores in Germany. Based on the core identity of Balzac, coffee marks the essence or continuum of the Balzac offering, added to which are trendy products like frozen yogurt or American specialty drinks. KABC translated the ingredients of the Balzac brand essence into a unique interior design concept, which is defined by classical and repeatable elements coupled with trendy and therefore changeable accents. This approach ensures on the one hand the continuity and recognizability of the brand, and on the other hand keeps the brand fresh and interesting with new themes and accents that are expected to change over time. The overall style for the Balzac interior therefore follows the same guidelines.

    The continuity is formed by classic basic elements, which evoke the classic European cafe with a timeless vintage feel complemented by whimsical decorative accents, which change over time as trends go in and out of style. Light interior with built-in units and façade to give a clean organized and contemporary feel, juxtaposed with found, salvaged, reclaimed & recycled building materials & furnishings that convey a sense of history and vintage feel. Each coffee shop location is divided into several atmospheric zones or thematic guest experiences, which together create the Balzac experience.
    LOCATION: Hamburg, Germany
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Experience, Interior Design, Graphic Identity, Signage, Lighting
    PROJECT TYPE: Retail: Coffee Shop Chain
    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Jean Keil, Richard Abi Saab, Sarina Heres