Architecture Project
    Fez, Morocco
    The neighborhood "Place Lalla Yeddouna" is a strategic location at the nucleus of Fez Bali, the old City of Fez. This area, where the City was founded on the two banks of the River Fez, was one of the key links between the two sides of the old city, Adouat al-Qarawiyine and Adouat al-Andalous. They are currently only connected by the Bin Lamdoun Bridge.

    KABC's design proposed to strengthen this physical connection by expanding Place Lalla Yeddouna into a large green public space that unites both Adouat al-Qarawiyine and Adouat al-Andalous. The north half of the river is characterized by a clearly defined urban edge, which KABC envisioned to restore to its original condition and make it safe and accessible to artisans and tourists. The southern half of the river walk has a more naturalistic feel, featuring a small waterfall, natural rocks, and a small pool.

    Currently, however, this portion is in severe disrepair and largely inaccessible. The proposal suggested to enhance the naturalistic character of this section by cleaning up the area, including additional rocks found near the site, and adding steps for easy access to the water.
    Place Lalla Yeddouna is well known for traditional handicrafts. In order to extend Fez’ reputation as a cultural center of Morocco into the 21st century, KABC suggested to fuse traditional craftsmanship with innovative design. While the Dar al-Iraqui will be carefully restored to its original condition with the insertion of new a program, our proposed hotel was a hybrid of these traditional techniques and contemporary design.

    The façade was based on the tradition of using ironwork window grills. The restoration process was envisioned as a participatory process that involved the local residents, artisans and craftsmen as well as the use of regional materials.
    LOCATION: Fez, Morocco
    SITE AREA: 1,150.55 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Urban Design, Master Planning, Landscape Design, Architectural Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Mixed-Use: Commercial, Cultural, Hospitality, Retail, Residential
    CLIENT: International Competition

    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Ling Zhong, Fidelma Hawney, Chelsea Zhou, Andrew Apell, Jerome Williams, Malgorzata Jasionek, Nikolaos Akarepis, Yvette Elfawal, Tom Grubbs, Matthew Tehan