Architecture Project
    Marseille, France
    KABC participated in an urban competition for a derelict harbor site in Marseille, aimed at bringing about the city’s renaissance by attracting international business activity and increasing tourism. In economic terms, these efforts represent the transition from a working-class port city to an international business platform for the Mediterranean region with tertiary services and high-tech industries.

    A 750- acre area encompassing the nineteenth- century urban extension of Marseille’s harbor is under scrutiny for a major revitalization effort. Large blocks of mostly abandoned warehouses, a derelict residential fabric, two high-speed motorways, and a non-accessible waterfront currently define the area. By attracting new industries and leisure programs, the city hopes to revitalize the area into a vibrant urban neighborhood.

    For the local population to benefit from the planned redevelopment, KABC proposed a broad approach to urbanism that mediates economic aims with social action. Hence, the central concept of this proposal entailed a rebranding of the area by augmenting the existing amenities with a new programmatic overlay, while maintaining its characteristic features. The result is a lively urban topography, animated by an atmospheric mix of local, French, and global elements, a variety of public programs, and human-scale buildings.
    LOCATION: Marseille, France
    SITE AREA: 303 hectares
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Urban Design
    PROJECT TYPE: Master Plan
    CLIENT: City of Marseille, France