KABC Branding is an innovative, creatively driven agency for brand building that exists to help developers, investors, and civic agencies to create competitive real estate products in today’s global environment. By creating evocative brand strategies and environmental brand experiences, we assist our clients in achieving a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

At KABC, we provide branding services for projects in various stages from pre-development strategies to post-development applications, ranging from the rebranding of existing urban districts to creating new brands for mixed-use destinations, corporate environments, commercial office buildings and retail. We carry a project from market research, brand strategy, and brand design to brand implementation.
Destination Brands
We partner with real estate developers and corporations all over the world to create unique lifestyle destinations and sustainable communities. Transforming master-planned communities into destination brands requires the synergy of many disparate components. An accurate positioning is only the beginning; its location, logo, name, marketing materials and channels, style and imagery it uses, its tone of voice, sales center, sales force and partners selection all have an impact of how the final brand is experienced, perceived and considered. Branding a master-planned community starts with differentiation in a crowded market, and this is achieved by offering buyers the whole package. Ultimately, success requires speaking to not only what a customer aspires to, but to create a lifestyle on par with these same aspirations. Competitive real estate markets, global consumers and marketing oriented cultures have proven that a strong brand along with strategic marketing programs and advertising not only increases real estate and re-sale value but, in addition, strengthens the reputation of the developer, sales velocity and perception. At KABC, our trademark is a holistic approach to creating destinations from the inside-out, by combining an economically sound marketing plan with a cutting-edge brand vision, that optimally expresses each project’s unique potential and provides unique experiences for the people who inhabit it.
Corporate Brands
Today's global leaders demand imaginative environments that convey a compa-ny's unique personality, ethical position, and social commitment. This is just as true for large corporations as it is for institutions and small businesses. In order to help our clients gain a competitive edge in today's marketplace, we identify, distill, and express each firm's authentic character. We create corporate environments that convey a firm's core ideas and belief systems by simultaneously providing a symbolic dimension, an emotional experience, and an organizational structure, that creates a brand on all levels—externally as an image to target markets, and internally as an integrated social environment that encourages new ideas and collaboration. KABC creates distinctive brand environments that are economically proactive, designed get everyone who enters them attuned to the company's core philosophy; messages are highly visible, precisely targeted, easily understood, and eternally remembered. We value smart strategies that accomplish more with less and ultimately cut costs while creating a competitive brand image.
Retail Brands
In an ever-changing consumer landscape, understanding changes in the demographic, sociographic, and psychographic profile of today's consumer is more important than ever. Our knowledge and expertise in decoding consumer patterns and behavior is represented in everything we do, and helps retail clients not only respond to market shifts, but also anticipate emerging trends to continually exploit new business opportunities. KABC expands beyond a market focus to incorporate a cultural focus, designing inspirational environments that allow for exploration and discovery and enable people to make intimate lifestyle connections to places and products. The key to our success is the integrated approach we take to deliver your retail solution. We listen to your needs and operational strategies. We study your brand and its relationship to the market. We cultivate a personable collaboration with your team in order to ultimately arrive at a branding experience that captures your vision and nurtures your brand. Our dedicated team of former retail executives, paired by our exceptional team of architects, designers, program managers and supporting staff provide the perfect mix of industry know-how and creative solutions. We deliver branding the way you see it, with the technical expertise and sourcing flexibility to implement it.
Hospitality Brands
Driven by a passionate and dedicated interest in local cultures around the world, KABC has emerged as a niche expert in hospitality brands that encompass a regional flavor, an interest in sustainability, and sensitivity to the local culture. We design project brands that contribute to the well being of the environment, our customers and the surrounding community. In our branding work, we consider all stakeholders including investors and partners, brokers, the government, the press and the community. Our dominance in the marketplace results from innovative, cost-effective strategies that consistently exceed our clients' most demanding expectations. KABC offers a broad range of services including project brand definition, competitive analysis, brand messaging, brand sensory and naming.
Environmental Brands
KABC is recognized for their interfacing between user experience, branding and architecture. KABC designs environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions. Through research, interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, KABC expands the boundaries between branding and environmental design. Our approach to developing environmental brands is rooted in an understanding of a project's competitive brand positioning coupled with an understanding of environmental, social and physical needs. Our design is driven by consideration of the moments of engagement between people and brands, and the ideas, emotions, and memories that these moments create. The interfacing of branding and place making has created a signature establishing KABC as leaders in the field of urban branding and the creation of new forms of public space. We provide brand applications that take a project from initial brand positioning and visual identity to all environmental applications including naming, way finding, signage and street furniture.
Advantages of working with KABC Branding
Whatever the scale may be, our goal at KABC is the same: to elevate real estate projects to holistic and competitive destinations that lift the spirit. Branding successful destinations is not only our forte; it is our mission, our very reason for being. We believe that welcoming, inspiring and memorable brand experiences are complimentary to solving the business needs of our clients, while providing enduring value to their property.

KABC's focus is on an integrated branding-architecture approach that starts from a project's brand positioning and core values to derive the architectural and brand communications design elements, ensuring that:

  • All visual applications and experiences at touch points are consistent with the brand
  • The investment in rebranding is cost-efficient and resources are not wasted or duplicated
  • The dangers of a fragmented, issue-specific approach - versus a holistic approach - are avoided
  • The project's goals and interests are kept as highest priority at all times without any compromises