Branding Case Studies: Project Gallery
    Dubai, UAE
    Signage, environmental graphics, and wayfinding are designed to enhance the user experience and distinguish The Metropolitan District from surrounding developments. The Signage and EDG Program builds the MD brand image in three dimensions, linking the district’s amenities and attractions to the overall brand. All components, each in their own way, contribute to building a visually-cohesive and unified communication system. The placemaking system includes wayfinding and interpretation (telling a story about the site), as well as the design of small iconic building structures, urban street furniture, and lighting.

    The District is the sum of its many colorful ingredients and activities. Therefore, silver was chosen as a dynamic base color for the Metropolitan District logo. Silver adapts to any given situation and reflects the changing activities of the district. The district logo frequently combines with quotes by Sheikh Mohammed to reinforce the story of The District. The Sheikh’s quotes can be found at the district’s main entrances, on pavers and utility covers throughout the various districts, and on pedestrian bridges. In addition, the Sheikh’s poems can be read at the main entrance staircase and on selected wall panels. Six cheerful accent colors are chosen to evoke the differentiation of sub-districts while humanizing the overall environment of The District. Each accent color is combined with a family of graphic icons that resembles the diverse activities of each sub-district.

    The Signage and EDG Program builds the MD brand image in a 3D environmental form, effectively linking the MD amenities and attractions to the overall brand. While the signage program helps visitors and residents to find their way around the district, making them feel safe and comfortable, the placemaking component includes interpretive exhibits that tell the story of the MD brand and wayfinding kiosks, which inform visitors and residents about current and future events at The District. In addition, a distinguished graphic wayfinding system for the parking garage is recommended to ensure an enjoyable transition from the parking garage to the podium level.
    The Metropolitan District is the sum of all its activities and offerings. When combined, the distinct colors and icons of the sub-districts create a kaleidoscopic brand language that represents the essence of the District. This brand language is elastic enough to accommodate change and innovation and can instantly respond to specific occasions and/or the changing demands of the District that may occur over time.

    In addition to the logo, each district is represented by a main icon, which captures the essence of each district. The main icon is linked to a family of sub-icons, which represent the various activities in each district.

    Unique “activity patterns” are designed for flags and banners that reflect the diverse activities of MD. Alternatively, flags and banners can be used to announce special events at MD.

    An animated LED media wall is recommended for the entrance to the District from the metro and for the MPV (Multipurpose Venue). It becomes an animated icon that conveys the overall brand message, is used for advertising, and announces special events at the District.
    LOCATION: Dubai, UAE
    SITE AREA: 734,708 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Strategy, Marketing Plan, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Wayfinding Systems, Signage
    PROJECT TYPE: Mixed-Use: Residential, Commercial, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality
    CLIENT: Confidential
    AWARDS: 2009 Cityscape Awards Environmental Category, Nominated
    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Clifford Brown, Lisa Chu, Lisa Kim, Gigi Mander, Maurizio Serena, Peter Wood