Branding Case Studies: Project Gallery
    World Coffee is a regionally owned German chain of coffee shops who asked Klingmann Architects & Brand Consultants to create an innovative coffee shop brand. The central concept is the creation of a an alpine ski hut in the city, a place to relax and recharge that aligns with socially responsible and environmentally friendly brand values. Instead of a brand primarily defined by logos and graphics, Klingmann Architects & Brand Consultants designed a holistic brand experience that engages the senses. The interior is a combination of two cozy environments—the shelteredness of a cottage and the warmth of a hearth.


    Walking down a busy street, you notice a new shop. Groups of friends gather on wooden benches at communal tables. Behind them, a wide frame of warm colored wood embraces the transparent façade of the shop.

    The overall mission of this brand experience is to bring a nourishing escape of companionship and shelter from the stress of the urban “wilderness.” Based on extensive market research, KABC concluded that people in Germany increasingly demand places that are conducive to relaxation invoked by attributes of “Gemuetlichkeit,” which loosely translates into a feeling of being social in a comfortable setting.

    Gemuetlichkeit, relaxation, and rejuvenation through a sense of encapsulated community are felt within the setting of an impromptu gathering. Guests mingle around the kitchen-style counter, watching the server prepare wholesome-looking snacks. A long, black board with daily specials sets off the wall of sparkling white tiles in this kitchen-like area. Communal tables hold different groups of guests.

    EXTERIOR: The concept concentrates on the indoor experiences, sheltered within a natural setting. Yet shelter can't be experienced without the natural setting, hence the symbiosis of nature and cottage. The exterior of this cottage is characterized by a framed façade with a “significant” door made of reclaimed wood.
    ENTRANCE: The physical framing of the entry, of the interior walls with wood frames, echoes and reinforces the sense of safety, cozy comfort. The inverted device of open (glass) walls surrounding the front door ironically beckons the visitor into a comfortable cottage in the Alps. In order to infuse the culture of coffee with a holistic sense of physical renewal and spiritual relaxation, Klingmann Architects & Brand Consultants designed two distinct indoor environments.

    INTERIOR: The interior offers the customer two distinct cozy and comfortable experiences as it is divided into two spaces, both characterized by a deliberate overlay of textures that convey an aged look. The first space is characterized by a stylized contemporary kitchen counter. A long, black board with daily specials sets off the wall of sparkling white tiles in this kitchen-like area. The counter is juxtaposed by a warm inviting cottage wall made filled with flickering candles, which creates the impression of a cozy retreat and serves as a backdrop to an informal café area.

    The second space is filled with large community tables, situated close to a contemporary stone fireplace. The warm glow of the fire embraces the entire rear of the room. In front of its natural stone frame, guests read or talk softly in a ‘conversation pit’ of cozy chairs. Banquettes sit against a wall of back-lit smoke mirrors. Industrial- style lighting illuminates it all: people together, enjoying nourishing food, drinks, and discussion.
    SITE AREA: 250 m2
    PROJECT SCOPE: Brand Experience, Interior Design, Graphic Identity
    PROJECT TYPE: Retail: Coffee Shop Chain
    CLIENT: World Coffee GMBH, Hamburg, Germany
    Maio & Company: Elsie Maio (Brand Strategist) Stephen Yorra (Brand Strategist)
    KABC Team: Anna Klingmann, Rachel Allswang, Ben Duarte