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ABC Radio Interview with Anna Klingmann
KABC’s projects have been published in many international journals and magazines including: Arch Magazine, Istoe Independe, Real Estate Weekly, Fast Company, AD Magazine, Daidalos, Architectural Record, The Age, and L'Architecture D'Aujourd'hui among many others.
Khawr Awqad: Sustainable Lifestyle Destination
Contractor Magazine, Oman, December 12, 2012
The culture of Dhofar has inspired the concept of establishing a holistic and sustainable lifestyle destination, Khawr Awqad in Salalah. A new standard for sustainability, the project is envisaged to create a holistic.... read more +
Khawr Awqad: A Catalyst for Change
Middle East Landscape, Dubai, April 2013
Surrounded by residential communities and luscious green agricultural fields to the north and east and the expanse of the Arabian Sea to the south and east, Khawr Awqad is envisioned as a unique destination with a focus on.... read more +
Corniche Park Al Khobar Waterfront, Saudi Arabia
Middle East Landscape, Dubai, May 2013
Al Khobar Waterfront is located on Amir Turki Street in the public parks of the Corniche area of Al Khobar, a vibrant commercial district, surrounded by five star hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. Defining a new dimension.... read more +
Cultural Destination Bin Lamdoun: the Bridging of 2 Cities
Middle East Landscape, Dubai, May 2013
The creation of a vibrant mixed-use urban center for the community of Place Lalla Yeddouna, a cultural destination for visitors and tourists, and an economic catalyst for artisan development. The key concept of the design is to bridge the two quarters of. read more +
Interview of Anna Klingmann with Middle East Landscape
Middle East Landscape, Dubai, forthcoming in June 2013
We were fortunate to be involved in a lot of interesting projects in the Middle East over the past decade and look forward to do more work there in the future. Our first introduction to the Middle East was in Dubai, which is in many ways a cosmopolitan... read more +
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