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ABC Radio Interview with Anna Klingmann
KABC’s projects have been published in many international journals and magazines including: Arch Magazine, Istoe Independe, Real Estate Weekly, Fast Company, AD Magazine, Daidalos, Architectural Record, The Age, and L'Architecture D'Aujourd'hui among many others.
"Khawr Awqad Sustainable Community"
International Competitive Bidding, Vol. 2, 2012
Khawr Awqad is comprised of three distinct yet integrated areas based around a wetlands preserve near Salalah, Oman. It was nominated for 6 awards and winner of the environmental award, cityscape 2010. Currently... read more +
"Thematic Parkscape"
International Competitive Bidding, Vol. 2, 2012
This landscape development, a project short-listed in the Special Award - Environmental category of the 2009 Cityscape Awards for Architecture, is a holistic and multi-tiered parkland. It encompasses... read more +
"Mixed-Use Community"
International Competitive Bidding, Vol. 2, 2012
The Mixed-Use Community is a large scale development project conceived for the Middle East. It is a project that looks to find a new way of developing in the Middle East that will be environmentally... read more +
"Muttawar Lifestyle Community"
International Competitive Bidding, Vol. 2, 2012
Inspiration for the project is to build a sustainable development that is of high quality whil ebeing cost-efficient. The development will become an address in the city of Muscat (rather than simply... read more +
"Muttawar Sustainable Residential Community in Muscat, Oman"
AEC Café, Arch Showcase May 1, 2012
In order to balance a respect for history and tradition with the need to create a modern neighborhood, the design takes cues from the regional architecture and builds on the best practices in contemporary... read more +
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