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ABC Radio Interview with Anna Klingmann
KABC’s projects have been published in many international journals and magazines including: Arch Magazine, Istoe Independe, Real Estate Weekly, Fast Company, AD Magazine, Daidalos, Architectural Record, The Age, and L'Architecture D'Aujourd'hui among many others.
"Zhejiang Energy R&D Complex in Hangzhou, China by KABC"
AEC Café, Arch Showcase April 27, 2012
KABC's vision for the development of the innovative office and research center in the Hai Chuang Yuan Community reflects the goals of the new high technology research campus, which promotes a new... read more +
"Pyramid Heights Masterplan in Cairo, Egypt"
AEC Café, Arch Showcase April 25, 2012
KABC developed a holistic 21st century community in Cairo, in close proximity to one of the most ancient wonders of the world, the Pyramids of Giza. It is a community inspired by the land of Egypt... read more +
"Thematic Parkscape in United Arab Emirates"
AEC Café, Arch Showcase June 28, 2011
This landscape development, a project short-listed in the Special Award - Environmental category of the 2009 Cityscape Awards for Architecture, is a holistic and multi-tiered parkland. It encompasses... read more +
"Mixed Use Community Landscape in UAE"
AEC Café, Arch Showcase June 27, 2011
This development is designed as a healthy, eco-friendly green environment with tree-lined streets, shaded public spaces and cooling water features away from noise and traffic pollution. read more +
"Khawr Awqad Sustainable Community in Salalah, Oman"
AEC Café, Arch Showcase June 25, 2011
Klingmann Architects and Brand Consultants (KABC) uses a unique approach to creating new developments in emerging markets that will bring regions in to the future while improving the economy, attracting... read more +
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