A sustainable, integrated,
place-based approach
KABC builds on the inherent potential of people and places to embrace the unique identity of each location. The elements that are unique to each area become points of interest for visitors and forge a connection with residents, making both a culturally enriching location and a commercially successful one.
  • A Performative Approach
    • Concerned with user's experience, not style
    • Accommodates a variety of needs across different user groups
    • Transforms a typical mixed-use development into a vibrant destination
    • Results in more than a sum of its parts
  • A Place-Based Approach
    • Respects local traditions and beliefs
    • Emphasizes the particular identity of a region
    • Leverages the unique potentials of the local culture, language, climate, and site
    • Results in non-generic, authentic experiences
  • Brandism™
    • A Symbiotic relationship between architecture and branding
    • Derives distinctive identities for real-estate develoment
    • Positions a project in its greater relationship to the community
    • Result of Anna Klingmann's 18 years of professional practice and academic research