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“Anna Klingmann is a world-class architect and branding specialist. Upon securing her consulting services for a major mixed-use greenfield development project, she immediately began providing high-impact design review and brand strategy recommendations which helped create a strong destination identity linked to the local heritage of Dubai, enhanced inter-connectivity of districts, and developed place-making attributes within master-plan. Anna's innovative approach and thought leadership on integrating architectural design and branding not only leads to more unique, desirable, sustainable, and liveable real estate projects, but enhances the long-term value of both shareholders and stakeholders alike.”

- Chris Wentzel,
Asset Manager, Dubai Real Estate Corporation
“Truly a fountainhead of architectural branding, Anna Klingmann has been the genius behind numerous innovative ideas that have led to the creation of unique and sustainable mixed-use destinations. GLOREI has been privy to Klingmann's ingenuity through her work on our iconic award-winning project, Khawr Awqad.”
- Mussallam Said Al Amry,
“Dr. Anna Klingman is an outstanding architect and brand expert who not only talks the talk but walks the walk to reduce the carbon footprint based on the principles of sustainability. She is a pioneer in the field of green architecture and brandscaping. All of Klingmann's projects reflect her courageous vision where she effectively integrates sustainability with critical business processes and turns global environmental and social challenges into business opportunities within the cultural aspect of the region. Dr. Klingmann is able to lead any organization and industry to become a role model in sustainability and brandcaping. Moreover, she is a respected professional with a large stakeholder network in the Arabic GCC region & internationally. She is also a motivational speaker on leadership, branding, and sustainability invited regularly to local and international conferences and business forums.”
- Dr.Arch./Ashraf Faisal Hegazy,
DBA-M.Arch-CIDAC-Intl.Assoc.AIA, ALDAR Properties PJSC
“Anna is one of the very few truly creative architects in the world with a deep understanding of how internal and external spaces combine to create a harmonious continuum that wraps itself around the people using it. All of her projects are beautifully designed using branded themes that sooth the senses with the integration of water, natural light, geometric patterns, peaceful courtyards and landscapes.”
- Monir Eid,
Managing Director, MRICS
“Anna Klingmann brilliantly interprets the business intent of a brand into 3D experience. And more: an arbiter of cultural cool, Anna is a fun collaborator who gamely joins in innovative approaches to client service with a professional excellence and an impeccable sense of responsibility as a team member. Her architectural design work is both dazzling and on-strategy; it helps our clients see the tangible implications of their brand positioning options. She is a great asset to the SoulBrandingSM process.”
- Elsie Maio,
Founder, SoulBranding Institute/Humanity, Inc.
“Anna is one of the best architectural branding experts developing brands into buildings and places of work. She gave an excellent lecture in the workshop of the flexible office network and has the talent to speak exactly what the audience needs, answering all my clients' questions in our workshop on innovative work environments. Anna elaborated a unique concept with the clients, illustrating how brand identification will be reached in the working world. Anna's talk was the highpoint during our ten years of workshop work.”

- Dieter Boch,
Director of the Flexible Office Network, international platform for future workplace & office
“Anna Klingmann is an excellent architecture brand consultant. She moderated our signature event during architecture month on 'Brandism'. Anna provided the panelists and audience with exciting thought-provoking insights on branding and design in the Central Florida Community. Klingmann was able to bridge numerous ideas related to architecture, design and branding for the entire audience.”
- Karen D. Jones,
Hon. AIA FL, Executive Director, AIA Orlando
“Thanks very much for your huge contribution to the success of Inside. It was great learning about Brandscapes and Experience Architecture more thoroughly through your engaging talk.”
- Alla Taha,
Inside World Festival of Interiors
“Anna Klingman speaks out what needs to be said: Architecture is adding value to our commercial environment by connecting brands and products with people in an authentic fashion. A connecting that increases the experience of products and experience of people. If product, architecture, and retail environment align in quality and intention, then you have something that Apple achieved with its stores - and Anna Klingmann who will tell you all about it!”
- Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Hollwich,
Principal HWKN, Co-Founder of Architizer